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11 Ways To Keep Your New Year's Resolution To Quit Smoking

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Each year there is a load of people who make the resolution to give up smoking. 

That is one of that hardest things for most people to do but the fact is that they have their hearts in the right place but they are not fully prepared to give up the smokes just yet. 

For that reason we have put together the eleven ways to help you keep your resolution and be smoke free as soon as possible.

1. Believe That You Can Quit

This is one of the major hurdles that you must cross. Only when you believe that you can quit smoking will you be able to do so. The brain and the body must be acting together for this to happen. 

Smoking is just as much a mental addiction as it is a chemical addiction. Be sure that you are ready to believe in yourself for the success.

2. Create A Plan For Quitting

A quit plan is something that needs to be written down and studied so you can find the kind of success that you are looking for. A quit plan should include a quit date and your plan of action to keep you from being smoke free. Use all the tools available to you and keep it on hand for further study. 

3. Put The Plan Into Action

This is the hardest step that you can take. Taking action means you are quitting and not picking the smokes back up again.

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Prepare yourself for this date. It is best if you stop just before you go to bed that way you are sleeping away some of the chemical dependency of the smokes. This will also give you a fresh start in the morning without cigarettes.

4. Prepare The Brain

The largest part of this addiction is mental. The chemicals in the smokes are released from the body in twenty four hours and therefore no longer needed. However the idea that your mind is not prepared is very real. Keep in mind that you are going to be a bit irritable for a bit but that too will pass.

5. Tell Your Family And Friends

Tell your family and friends that you are quitting and you will find that they are going to be very pleased to say the least. Allow them to help by being a support staff and holding you accountable for what you do. If any of your family and friends are successful with the quitting smoking then ask them for advice.

6. Ask Your Doctor For Help

There is a good chance that you can get some medication or other tools from your doctor that will help you on the path to being smoke free. It seems that every month a new stop smoking aid hits the market. See what they suggest as the best idea for you.

7. Create A Mental Picture Of You Not Smoking

If you can see yourself in five years without a cigarette then you are doing well. Make every attempt to see yourself as you would down the line without smokes and feel the freedom that comes with it.

8. Know What Triggers You To Smoke

Everyone who smokes has a trigger. This can be stress, alcohol, eating a meal or any number of things. Some of the triggers you can avoid, like alcohol, but at times it can be hard to avoid stress. That is why you should find yourself an alternative. Many people enjoy chewing gum in times of high stress.

9. Take Up Exercise

Doctors have found that exercise is a wonderful stop smoking aid. Join a gym or just go for regular walks and you will notice a difference.

10. Join Forces

If possible find someone who has quit about the same time as you. This will be your quit buddy and they can be a great way to make sure that you are staying on the right track.

11. Keep Up The Good Work

The fact of the matter is that a person who has quit smoking has probably done so in the past and failed. This is nothing bad. The idea this time is to make sure you do not give up. Remember the success and the failure you had and it can save you all the way around.

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