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Why Quit Smoking?

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


Many people need to have some kind of reason to stop anything that goes to poor behavior. 

This is very true when it comes to smoking. For the most part there is nothing that breeds poor health more so then smoking and quitting can greatly improve a good many things.

Lets take a look at some of the main reasons why you should give up smoking.

Your Health

It is no secret that smoking is very bad for your health. In the last twenty or so years the ill effects of smoking have been discovered and through that the doctors have been pushing for people to become smoke free. 

The largest reason is that smoking is the number one preventable death method in the world to this day. More people die from smoking related illnesses then any other form of death that there is in the world. That is why it is so important for you to take this kind of step and make some changes to your life.


The cost of smoking has risen over the past few years. The companies that make the smokes have been sued for billions of dollars because of the people who have become sick and for that they have had to raise their prices. 

In some parts of the world there are cigarettes that run as high as seven dollars a pack. Then there is the issue that a person must take a look at the over all cost through the year.

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More than three thousand dollars a year are spent by the average smoker on cigarettes. That number can be tripled for a smoker that is known to be heavy. 

Social Acceptance

While smoking was at one time considered to be socially acceptable it is no longer that way. Most of the world has moved the idea of smoking out of their minds, especially when it comes to the public. 

Eating houses were required to create smoking sections that were completely separate from the non-smoking sections. Then there is the idea that some places decided that smoking in public would not be allowed period. 

This is when things start to get bad for a lot of people. There is nothing that can be said of the idea that smoking is good and even when it comes to business one should be aware that smoking is not good for you.

Setting An Example

If you are around the young people of the world then you need to be setting an example for them. Smoking is the wrong example and if you are doing this then you are most likely teaching them that they should be smoking. 

Even teenagers who act like they know it all will tell you that they are going to be following what the adults are doing. If they see the adults that are in charge of them smoking then they will smoke. The same holds true for the people who are drinking and doing illegal drugs around their children.

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