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Importance Of Your Attitude In Quit Smoking

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Your attitude to smoking or rather to ‘quit smoking’ is that determines the final achievement. In order to get rid of the habit of smoking, it is highly important to cultivate a right attitude. The right attitude involves setting up the goal, planning and programme.

It is important to take a realistic view of the quit smoking programme. Statistics point out that it is not easy to quit smoking. In this regard, the following points should be looked into to set up an ideal quit smoking programme. 

Setting up the goal – The ultimate aim of the programme is of course to quit smoking for good.

But, it is important to define it as this would modify your mental make up to quit smoking and each of the goal with respect to a definite time frame should be written down. The write up should contain the following details:

  • The reasons of quit smoking as you view them should be written in details. A look at it from time to time during the quit smoking programme would make your resolve stronger.

  • A specific date when you would quit smoking for good.

  • Remember, the quit smoking has to be irreversible.Hence, the write up should be such a resolution that it would be a life time commitment.

The quit smoking programme – It is better to adopt a quit smoking programme in consultation with a professional psychologist as it is as a fight against your mental carving for the cigarettes. 

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Your attitude and lifestyle in quit smoking – Your approach to lifestyle has a great impact upon how you view smoking.

Of course, the habit has crept into you because such is your lifestyle that you have allowed it to happen. Hence, changing your lifestyle vis-ΰ-vis smoking is important to achieve the goal of quit smoking.

A close and methodical analysis of your daily life pattern would tell you about your behaviour pattern regarding smoking. It might be that you would be smoking while studying, drinking coffee, driving or even watching television. 

After identifying the activities that are associated with smoking, care should be taken to change them. In stead of smoking, some other activity might be done during that time.

It could be chewing chocolates in stead of smoking, viewing television with friends who abhor smoking etc. If you have the habit of smoking while taking alcohol, it is better to quit alcohol as well or at least to switch to some other forms of drink. 

Sometimes, changing these life patterns might involve a modification of larger proportion like changing your friend circle or going to your work by bus if you have the habit of smoking while driving.

You may also need to keep away from the proximity of smoking as it would height your cravings. This may even involve not carrying enough money with you. 

Remember, you are on the programme of quit smoking to improve your quality of life. Hence, reorienting your lifestyle would go a long way in successfully quitting it.

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