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Personal Quit Smoking Plan

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Top Quit Smoking Products
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With the advent of awareness among the masses, many people of late, want to quit smoking. While some are successful in quitting smoking at one go, some need a lot of determination, intent dedication and an elaborate planning. 

There are various methods designed by the experts to help to quit smoking. But before taking up any method, it is important to select the best one taking into account your age, sex, time of addiction and your overall personality.

In this way the personal quit smoking plan that your draw up would guide you from time to time. 

The personal planning for quit smoking is also necessary due to the fact that it involves the help and participation of your family members and friends.

Also, the habit and way of life is an important aspect for the success of the quit smoking programme. Hence, any quit smoking plan has to have personal agenda. 

Difficulties of quit smoking plan

Whether we like it or not, realistically it is not easy to quit smoking. The number of people who revert back to smoking after a temporary hiatus from smoking corroborates this observation.

Smoking or the nicotine in it is a strong addiction. The stimulation it provides to your brain becomes part and parcel of life. You derive pleasure out of it and your body longs for it. 

So, since smoking becomes a way of life and becomes very much an accepted part of your life just like eating your food, brushing your teeth or taking your daily bath, it is very excruciating to part with it both physically as well as mentally. 

When you quit smoking, your level of concentration decreases and hence it affects your output at work. This also instils the cravings in you to go for smoking. 

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Making your personal quit smoking plan

It always better to keep your personal quit smoking plan in writing. This would help you in making some ready references.

If you are planning to quit smoking gradually in stead of the cold turkey way, then the stepwise dates of progress should be assigned and each of the progress you make, should be written down diligently. 

The internet these days is a vast source of information. It can also be used to gather information regarding quit smoking and to find out the methods that is most suitable to you. There are various way and means available to quit smoking. 

They can be the smoking replacement therapy, the use of laser and acupuncture to quit smoking. Proper research in this field would help you in selecting the most suitable one for you. 

You may even maintain a journal of your cravings that is generally associated during the post quit smoking period. The successful entries would encourage you to be more determined to quit smoking. 

How to make your personal quit smoking plana success

Strong determination and proper motivation are the main prerequisite that would make your personal quit smoking plan a success.

Try to involve your family members and friends in your plan. That way the success of your quit smoking plan would also be their responsibility which would make your task easier.

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