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Quit Smoking Resolution

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The percentage of people who fail in keeping up to the resolution of quitting smoking is indeed very large.

It is just that after the initial weeks, the enthusiasm and firmness to avoid the cigarettes just tapers off and you again find yourself smoking.

This can be attributed to the lack of total commitment to the cause. Hence, it is necessary to keep certain aspects in mind in order to be firm in keeping up the promise to quit smoking. 

In this regards, few things are to be kept in mind while making the resolution to quit smoking. They can be as follows- 

Your attitude is the primary factor Like most things, your attitude towards quit smoking would eventually shape up the final result. A misplaced or wrong mind set about quit smoking is bound to be a failure.

The attitude or mind set that leads to failure in the goal of quit smoking can be as follow:

Many people, who smoke, take up the resolution of quit smoking as a gruelling experience, which would involve constant suppression of the urge to go for smoking.

They also view the quit smoking as a parting or loss of a long association.

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Some of them possess a negative attitude towards quit smoking.

They think it is not achievable and just intend to go through the motion of quit smoking for some time, while harbouring the notion at the back of their mind that it is just a matter of time before they would take to smoking again.

They regard quit smoking as something which is impossible to sustain and even a waste of time. 

In a nutshell, to such people, the quit smoking is a often an obligatory, humdrum activity. Hence, they go for it without any zest.

But, it is necessary to nurture a positive attitude while going for quit smoking and it should be looked forward to as a fulfilling experience. 

The attitude towards quit smoking, should be as follows:

  • Quit smoking should be viewed as an investment for future health. That is, you do something today which would benefit you in future.

  • Quit smoking should also be treated as a money-saver.

  • A sure way to boost your confidence level. 

  • A way to attain vigour and stamina.

  • A way to get rid of the bad smell you have all being suffering from and also of the lingering eye-catching yellowish stains on your fingers. 

  • Quit smoking should be looked as a path that would lead to a life of better quality.

Apart from the above mentioned things, few other things should also be looked into about quit smoking to be successful. They can be as follows:

Your will power alone would not guide you to quit smoking. It needs more than that in terms of a systematic planning and methodology. 

Keeping up the motivation is a constant process. You have to regularly modify your attitude and go on making adjustments in your lifestyle to keep up the motivational level. 

These are few attitudinal aspects of quit smoking that should be given special attention.

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