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Techniques Of Quit Smoking

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Top Quit Smoking Products
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Instances of failure in quitting smoking are many. In fact, most of the people who successfully quit smoking go through their shares of failures before finally being able to quit smoking for good.

Hence, the failures should be taken in the stride and efforts should be made to quit smoking. 

There are various techniques that help in quitting smoking. They can be as follows:

Taking deep breaths Originally a yogic technique, the breathing techniques helps a lot in keeping the cravings for cigarettes at bay. When you have the desire for smoke, inhale a lungful of air and then exhale it out slowly.

While doing it, visualise that your body and mind is being relieved of all the stress and tension.

Intake of plentiful of water The body fluid plays an important part in flushing out the nicotine in the body. Hence, drinking lots of water helps to quit smoking. 

Avoiding sugar, alcohol and coffee These things are known to induce the craving for smoking. Hence, it is better to avoid them in order to quit smoking.

Avoiding fatty foods When you are on a quit smoking programme, your metabolism slows down due to the low level of nicotine. You may gain weight if do not reduce the intake of fatty food.

Use of oral substitute for smoking Chewing some oral substitute in stead of smoking may help in certain cases to quit smoking. They may contain low level of nicotine in them.

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The oral substitute can be chewing gum, cinnamon sticks etc. Using them is would prevent you from smoking.

Indulging in other activities Sometimes, people go for the cigarettes out of boredom. Hence, it is important to be engaged in something interesting yet enjoyable.

They may be joining some yoga class or some meditation camp. This would provide you a new way of looking to life sans the smoking.

Exercising- The daily exercise routine helps to quit smoking by stimulating the blood flow in the body and hence it suppresses the desire to smoke.

Giving autosuggestion Be proud to be a non-smoker. Some people who take up quit smoking programme, only regard themselves as smokers who have just abandoned temporarily the habit of smoking.

Affirming about your non-smoking status to yourself & to others would help you to quit smoking.

In the later phase of your quit smoking programme, sometimes you would be swept over by an intense desire to smoke. And they come unexpectedly when the cigarettes are available. It could be in a party, or during a get-together with friends.

Though they are for short intervals, you have to tide over this desire that would come from time to time.

The deep breathing techniques helps when the sudden cravings to smoke occures.

Lastly, it is important to seek the help of friends and relatives. Their timely encouragement and also fordding when the intense desire sets in would help you in keeping resolve to quit smoking firm.

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