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Tips For Quit Smoking

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Many people want to quit smoking. But not all are successful. This is due to the fact that at times, their desire and effort is not backed by any systematic way to quit smoking.

Hence, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines and tips to quit smoking. They can be as follows:

First of all,the motivational aspect of quit smoking is of paramount importance. Ways and means should be found out to keep up the motivation to quit smoking and this is a continuous process till you quit smoking completely.

This should also be maintained after that as way to guard against any relapse of the quit smoking habit.

You should also have the record of the reasons and planning of quit smoking. This will allow you to have an objective view of things and you can always refer back to it in times of confusion and cravings.

The ways and means of any quit smoking programme is different for different people. Some method or approach which is successful for some people may not hold good for others.

Some people are successful in quitting the smoking habits at one go while others need a gradual detachment of smoking. Hence, this should be found out and proper planning should be made in this regard.

The chances of quit smoking is more when taken up early. Hence, the present time is the best time as far as going for the quit smoking programme is concerned.

The support of the family and relatives is an important help that one can solicit when taking up the quit smoking programme. Their encouragement and vigilance are of immense help. It is also easier to quit smoking when done along with a friend.

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The availability of cigarette always adds to the craving for it. Hence, it is important to be away from cigarettes. They should be thrown away completely as smoking even one cigarette would militate against leaving the habit of smoking completely.

In the initial stages of quit smoking, it is difficult to control the urge for smoking especially when you are at a party or places where there is the availability of cigarettes.

On such occasions, you might conjure up reasons to smoke. Hence, it is better to avoid such occasions. While eating out, it is better to be accommodated in the non-smoking areas.

If you happen to be a heavy smoker, then it is prudent to go for a nicotine replacement therapy like the nicotine chewing gums and patches.

This would help in the quit smoking programme. Other similar medicinal products are also available in the market 

Excess alcohol and coffee should also be avoided as they complement the habit of smoking. The caffeine would accentuate the urge for nicotine.

The urge to smoke only last for few minutes after which the craving to smoke subsides. Hence, proper counselling should be done to delay the urge for quitting. This will ultimately help to quit smoking.

These are some of the tips of quit smoking.

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