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Why Should You Quit Smoking

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


‘Why should you quit smoking?’

‘Because you can quit smoking.’ 

Although the reasons to quit smoking are obvious to most, many people just don’t go for it thinking it would be a fruitless try. 

But it is not so. You can also quit smoking like many other people. Let’s find out the reasons why you should quit smoking in detail which would make you more determined to quit smoking.

Social Status – With the awareness of the ill effects of smoking, there has been a remarkable change in the attitude society towards smoking.

Now-a-days, smoking is not taken kindly in societies. Even the prospective life partners are also making it point to get married to persons who do not smoke.

Smoking at office - The governments in many countries have made it a rule not to smoke in the offices. Even many private companies are reluctant to hire people who smoke as statistics show that people who smoke are more likely to fall ill. 

Health risk in smoking – Smoking can herald in a varieties of diseases. They can be as follows:

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  • Lung diseases – Continuous smoking over the years can lead to lung diseases like the bronchitis.

  • Heart and brain stroke

  • Various types of cancers

  • Early development of wrinkles on the skin.

  • Complications during pregnancy like miscarriage and low weight babies.

  • Staining of finger nails

  • Bad breath

The above listings of the health risks would prompt any smoker to quit smoking. In fact, there is a remarkable change in the quality of life after quitting the habit of smoking. 

The cost factor of smoking – Although it may not be apparent to many, the fact is that smoking involves a large amount of cost. Just try to make a cumulative account of the amount of money you spend on cigarette in a single year.

You would be astounded by the figure. As per an estimate, an average smoker spends more than $3000 in a year. 

This should make the resolve of any smoker stronger to quit smoking. Here we are not taking into account the cost that one has to incur for the smoking related health issues. 

Health of your family and friends – The health of your family and friends are also affected by your smoking. The smoke that you exhale affects the health of the people around you as they become passive smokers

Incidence of heart diseases and lung cancer is more amongst the family members of the smokers due to this reason.

Developments of smoking habit among the children – The children of people who smoke, are more likely take up smoking. Since, parents are role models for children; you should be wise enough to set an example for them by quitting smoking. 

One can always quit smoking however old your smoking habit might have been.

But, it is always better to quit smoking early. In fact, by quitting smoking, one can avoid most of the smoking related health problems. Hence, there is no better time than the present time as far as quit smoking is concerned.

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