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Withdrawal Symptoms Of Quit Smoking

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After you quit smoking, there are chances that you might develop withdrawal symptoms.

Hence, it is important to know about them if you are on a programme of quit smoking so as to be prepared to deal with it when it actually occurs. 

The withdrawal symptoms of quit symptoms can be as follows  

Irritation and anxieties There are chances that you might get irritated on the slightest of pretext after you quit smoking.

Your friends and family would be in the receiving end of this change in your behaviour. The nicotine is a very powerful chemical and the body was used to it. Hence, bereft of it, the body and mind reacts like that.

To overcome this, it is better to indulge in things that you enjoy doing. Try to relax and warn peopl around you about your change in behaviour. Taking part in yoga and sports would also help.

Headaches Occurrence of headache after you quit smoking is also a common phenomenon. Earlier on the brain was managing with less supply of oxygen, as it was being replaced by carbon monoxide due to the smoking.

This sudden abundance of oxygen to the body sometimes results in the developement of dizziness and headache. In the initial phases of quit smoking, there is increased level of stress due to the fact that the body takes time to adjust to the new ways in your system.

This stress may result in sleep disorder. This may sometimes lead to headache. Similarly, people who take a lot of coffee would find that their level of caffeine in the body increases. Hence, if you still continue to drink coffee, it might lead to headache.

If the headache persists even with medication, you can try the deep breathing exercises.

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Persistent coughing There is the development of persistent coughing after you quit smoking. It is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing. In fact, some experts treat it as a good sign.

Prolonged smoking make the hair on the lungs gets gathered with the toxins of the cigarette smoking. After quitting the smoking habit, the lungs try to get rid of them by coughing out. 

It takes some months for the lungs to get fully discharge the toxin materials through coughing and after that you will find that the breathing becomes easier.

Change in the span of attention Nicotine is a chemical that stimulates the brain and makes people who smoke alert and attentive.

After successfully quitting smoking, chances are that it will be difficult for you to concentrate for more time as the nicotine no longer stimulates your brain. The craving for smoking also distracts you from the job at hand.

Onset of constipation Like the brain, the nicotine also stimulates the digestive system. Hence, after being successful in the quit smoking programme, many people complain of in adequate bowel movement.

Depression After the quitting smoking, most people are in a bout of depression. But this is only a temporary phase only. 

These are some of the withdrawal symptoms that may come up after quitting smoking.

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