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Effective Quit Smoking Methods

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


Nicotine can induce physiological dependence greater than cocaine and heroin. Nicotine use is the etiological factor for high mortality in many nations. Cigarette contains many carcinogenic ingredients like carbon monoxide and acetylene. Regular nicotine use can cause lung cancer.

Nicotine addiction can be cured effectively irrespective of the form of treatment employed. Transdermal nicotine patches deliver constant systemic amounts of the ingredient to overcome drug dependency. Medical examination and consultation is essential for prescription quit smoking agents.

It is believed about seventy percent of regular smokers have the desire to quit the habit. Laser therapy is an effective quit smoking method.

Acupuncture and herbs are popular quit smoking methods. Laser therapy is expensive. Hypnosis treatments are based on mind power to overcome nicotine addiction. Smoking predisposes to serious health complications like lung cancer, heart disease and atherosclerosis. It is seen to impair fertility. It affects skin, oral health and longevity. There is high risk to cerebrovascular accident and oral cancer with nicotine.

Nicotine gums can be used by recent non smokers to control the urge for cigarettes. Nicotine transdermal patches are transparent and can be worn under clothes. Hypnosis is an effective quit smoking method. Audio books of hypnosis offer effective techniques for the addictive behavior

Prescription pills for smoking act similar to antidepressants. They do not contain nicotine to achieve the desired pharmacological effect. Cognitive behavioral therapy is interventional quit smoking method.

Certain drugs are employed to numb the nicotine centers of the brain. They are administered subcutaneously known as nicotine injections. 

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Herbs in the form of pills and confectionary can control nicotine urge. Prescription drugs for smoking allow delayed reuptake of neurotransmitters like dopamine.

They mimic the action of nicotine on the brain through certain neurotransmitters. Prescription drugs should be part of an effective quit smoking plan. 

Certain other drugs stop the ability of the body to derive the pleasurable actions of nicotine. A change in daily routine and lifestyle can work against relapse. Nicotine replacement therapy is the medical quit smoking method.

A healthy diet high on protein and omega 3 fatty acids are recommended to forgo smoking. A reward scheme that can gratify anti smoking behavior can help few individuals. 

Low intensity laser therapy works similar to that of acupuncture to induce relaxation. Acupuncture works against stress and emotional instability. Books on self hypnosis and behavioral modification can provide more quit smoking methods. 

Prescription drugs can be employed as a quit smoking method for few individuals
Stress is considered the primary trigger factor for smoking. Emotional freedom therapy and neuro linguistic programming are modern quit smoking methods.

Low intensity laser is employed to induce the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are biomolecules of pleasure and wellbeing. The low intensity laser is applied on acupuncture points of smoking.

They are mostly applied on points of interest in hands, wrist and face. They can induce a mild tingling sensation and have a non invasive approach. Technological intervention to help quit smoking is the current innovation.

Support groups and quit smoking stop clock can be set up in modern PDA devices.

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