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All About Quit Smoking Patches

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


Most smokers realize smoking causes injury to their life. However smokers find it very difficult to give up smoking due to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. 

However, there is excellent news for smokers: They can use nicotine replacement products like chewing gums and quit smoking patches along with other methods to overcome this harmful habit. 

Quit smoking patches, can be used by smokers wanting to quit smoking along with counseling. These patches help smokers to quit smoking by taking care of the nicotine addiction. These patches can be used by smokers wanting to quit smoking, along with behavioral therapy. Some of these patches are available across the counter while others require a doctor's prescription. 

Quit smoking patches are worn close to the skin and a new patch is to be used everyday. They are available in various doses and of brands. They are available in doses as low as 7mg to as high as 22mg. Some patches can be worn throughout the day while others have to be removed in the night. 

Use these patches as a whole piece and never cut them. These patches deliver small amount of nicotine through the skin. It helps overcome withdrawal symptoms. Yet we do have chain smokers who do go through withdrawal symptoms.

Generally a smoker, using these quit smoking patches can get over the habit of smoking in just 90 days. Yet chain smokers may take a longer period. Some find it convenient to start on a higher dosage and then reduce the dosage in steps. The sooner you are able to use lower dosages and quit it is better for you. 

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However, if you are pregnant, breast feeding, suffering from angina, irregular heart beat and recovering from a heart attack take the doctor's advice before using these quit smoking patches. Research has proved that these quit smoking patches do not cause cancer or nicotine addiction. 

However look out for side effects of using these quit smoking patches. Some of the smokers experience skin irritations and disturbances of sleep. Skin irritations could be remedied by applying lotions. Similarly a change of brand could also help. 

Sleep disturbances could be due to withdrawal symptoms. You could find out if you feel better after taking the patch out at night. You could then choose the patch to be worn for 16 hours. Make sure to take the doctor's advice and read the instructions carefully before using these quit smoking patches. 

Next I would like to tell you how smokers who have quit smoking feel about it. They find they are healthier, with none of those hacking coughs. They feel people do not avoid them due to cigarette stains on their fingers or stale cigarette smoke on their clothing. They could taste and smell better now. They and their near and dear feel relieved they are less prone to lung disease, heart attack and cancer. 

However, I would like to tell you all that quitting smoking is not very easy and requires a lot of will-power. Nicotine replacement aids like quit smoking patches along with counseling could definitely help a smoker to quit smoking and lead a healthy life.

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