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Advantages Of Laser Therapy To Quit Smoking

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The report of World Health Organization states that nearly in every 6.5 seconds a person die of due to heart failure, cancer, respiratory disease or some other kind of tobacco related diseases. Smoking has become the fourth most common risk factor for diseases globally. Therefore time has come to say good- bye to cigarettes or other tobacco related products which is killing people world-wide.

There are many programs which will help you to stop smoking. One of such programs is laser therapy to quit smoking program. This program is well accepted in European countries and is in great demand in United States of America. This type of treatment is becoming popular due its non-evasiveness, it can be easily applied and the most important of all is that it does not have any kind of side effects.

You can notice the effect of the treatment in the first session of the therapy itself. So there is no problem of waiting for months to get results as in case of quitting smoking with help of pills or patches. This drug free method of quitting smoking is very safe. 

Maximum two or three session of laser therapy to quit smoking is required for any person. $40 to $100 is charged by the centers as per the requirements. Along with the laser therapy the centre also gives counseling on weight loss. Some centre in fact gives nutritional counseling too in order to maintain weight. The counselors in the centre will guide you to follow the healthy alternative paths to surpass the smoking habit phase.

In laser therapy to quit smoking rays of soft light is passed through hands, face, ear or head to raise the natural chemical endorphin. This natural chemical lowers down the level of anxiety and relieves stress makes you feel relaxed. The laser light performs the role of nicotine in the body. Thus without puffing a cigarette still you feel good and stay relaxed with help of the laser therapy.

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A single session of laser therapy to quit smoking lasts for about five to six days. It means that you can stay away from nicotine for six days. Beta-endorphins are released as endorphins are raised naturally in the body. This helps in eliminating nicotine from the body, thus inhibiting the pain and craving for cigarette accompanied by stress and anxiety.

It is very interesting to know that you need only 3-5 days to get rid from nicotine from your body. This can be achievable with the help of laser therapy to quit smoking which helps in stimulating the cells to release endorphins naturally for longer period of time.

This stress managing hormones not only ease stress from smoking, also it helps in withdrawing the discomfort people get from after stopping to smoke. Thus it helps in lifting up the mood, along with reducing the craving for smoking. So don’t you think that the laser therapy to quit smoking is a blessing technique for people who want to stop smoking?

So what are you waiting for? If you want to include yourself in the category of non-smokers in order to increase your life span laser therapy is a good technique to get rid of smoking.

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