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Results On The Health Of The Human Body If Not Decided To Quit Smoking

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Smoking is very difficult habit to get rid of. It is just like the other dangerous habits for the human health such as the excessive drinking of alcohols and doping. These habits begin with the passion and gradual increase leads to addiction and ends with the death of the person.

The cigars are manufactured with the tobacco plants as the basic material. The tobacco is rich in the chemical content, nicotine. Nicotine is a dangerous chemical component that makes the person to get addicted to the taste of it. The decision to quit smoking directly means that to quit the consumption of the chemical nicotine.

The human body has the capability to withstand with the chemical content in the internal environment. If the quantity of any chemicals increases in the body, it may end up with the appearance of the secondary symptoms. The secondary symptoms are considered as a warning given by the body about the internal environment of the body.

The increase in the nicotine content in the human body results in the adrenalin affect along with the gradual shrinking of the blood vessels. This results in the reduction in the supply of oxygen to the vital organs. If it is still not decided to quit smoking then the nicotine content increase in the human body which ends up in the destruction of the immune response of the human body.

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The constriction of blood vessels results in the lowering of the oxygen supply than regular supply, for the vital organs. This results in the fivefold increase of the chronic exhaustion on the body which results in the early shrinking of the skin layer cells. You can see the conditions such as wrinkles and folds on the skin surface and puckered mouth setting on to the skin of the chain smokers in early ages itself.

The increase in the time duration in deciding to quit smoking proceeds to the next step. The body cells will not regenerate in time that tends to delay in healing even petty wounds. The nicotine has an intolerable smell. The smokers end up in developing the stink of nicotine and also stain the skin and teeth. If this smell enters the healthy body it results in the nauseating effects on the healthy body.

The thin and sagging lines on the body surface, radical damage and loss of the collagen fibers from the skin cells are the starting symptoms on the body surface of the youth who does not wish to quit smoking. The reduction in the normal absorption of the vitamins and every other required balanced diet can also be seen.

The presence of the most dangerous chemical, nicotine can be seen in the blood vessels of the new born infants also. This chemical is found transferred to the baby from the pregnant women. The pregnant woman who does not quit smoking ends up as the host of the chemical nicotine and the baby becomes the passive smoker.

The babies that are born with the nicotine content in the blood vessels develop the secondary symptoms such as abnormality in the mental growth, retardation and also death at the earlier ages. The babies may also die in the mother’s womb from suffocation because of the contraction or complete destruction of the lungs.

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