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Let Your New Year Resolution Be To Quit Smoking

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


Smoking cigarettes is the worst way through which a human deteriorates the otherwise healthy body. It is a known fact that cigarette smoking shortens the life span and increases the risk of diseases.

In spite of this well known disaster, many keep on smoking cigarettes and many new smokers start to smoke everyday. Why is it so?

The kids start smoking because

  • They are curious.
  • They want to do irritate and disobey their parents and teachers.
  • They don’t want to be left out in their friends’ gang.
  • They want to imitate their family members who are smokers.
  • They want to act and behave like adults.
  • They are not aware about the future effects of smoking.

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Many of the adults who smoke feel that smoking reduces the stress. While there are people who do not want to quit, there are smokers who want to quit smoking, but cannot. They hate themselves for smoking, they try to quit, but they are not to quit successfully. All their efforts end in failure and they get frustrated.

You must remember you are not the only person who has failed in the attempt to quit. Nicotine in the cigarettes is addictive and that is why all smokers find it difficult to quit smoking. You must keep in mind that ‘Failure is stepping stone to successes’.

Once you decide you are going to quit, be prepared for the difficulties you are going to face mentally and physically. You must tell yourself repeatedly that the withdrawal symptoms are going to last for only a few days and they are temporary, but the good consequences are permanent.

Have frequent small meals so that you don’t get the urge to smoke. After meals have a peppermint, chewing gum or herbal chews. If you think you cannot stop abruptly, switch over to a brand which you do not like as it is distasteful. You can smoke a small part of a cigarette and throw away the remaining. These are the initial steps, but you must proceed to quit smoking in a few days.

Drink plenty of fluids after you start the quitting program to wash away the effects of nicotine from your body. Practice breathing exercise and simple yoga exercise to increase your mental strength and physical fitness.

Alcohol and other beverages are normally associated with smoking, so it is better to avoid them. Avoid parties where you may be tempted to smoke. If you smoke in company, then avoid company. If you smoke when you are alone, then make sure you are always with someone till you quit smoking.

Keep yourself physically active by engaging yourself in swimming, jogging, playing your favorite games like tennis, basketball and football where you cannot smoke. If you are old enough to engage yourself in physical activities try solving crossword puzzles and sodoku etc. or make yourself busy in gardening, watching your favorite TV program and listening to your favorite music.

Whatever you do, the will to quit smoking is the most essential thing. So remember ‘where there is a will, there is a way.’

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