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An Honest Look At How Smoking Affects Everyone Around You

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Top Quit Smoking Products
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Many people do not understand how smoking affects other people. This is very common as the smoking that we do today is the result of past things that happened in the world. 

Remember that smoking was at one time considered to be a socially acceptable practice and therefore there was nothing wrong with it. 

That was before the ill effects that smoking had one a person were discovered. It was the time when the world thought that smoking was just something that a person did and nothing could go wrong. 

Well we all know that those times have changed. While there is no chance that we are going to be able to convince everyone in the world to stop smoking there is the reason we are going to help those that have the desire. 

The idea is to teach them about the affects that smoking can have on other people and hope that they will be prepared to make some changes in their life. The fact is that most people have no idea how bad things are for those around them when they are smoking. 

This is something that they learn after they quit and perhaps through this type of information we can teach them a thing or two. Most people are aware of the smell that smokes brings about when the person is smoking. 

There is an endless array of people who are willing to complain about the smell of smoke and how it can affect those that are smelling it. There is no doubt that stale cigarette smoke is nothing that smells good and most people have no desire to sniff it on a daily basis. 

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However, a smoker will smell like this all the time because of the fact that they are being bathed in smoke on a daily basis just by lighting up.

Then there is the fact that they are making everyone around them smell like smoke because they blowing out that same smell to those people. This is just one of the downfalls of smoking around other people.

Another big issue is the secondhand smoke. If you are not aware, secondhand smoke is considered to be more dangerous than that of the firsthand variety. This is because of certain toxins that are mixed in and ready to make someone sick. 

Children who have parents that smoke are ten times more likely to contract a breathing disease or have growth problems then those that don't. Those are staggering numbers and should be enough to stop someone from smoking. 

However, there are still hundreds of people who smoke around their children every day and have little care about the affects unless the child becomes ill.

Smoking and unborn children is another problem with dire consequences. Even if the mother does not smoke but there are people who are smoking around the mother the unborn child could end up with severe birth defects. 

That is one of those things that most people do not want to believe until it happens to them.

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