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Psychology Of Smoking

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Top Quit Smoking Products
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Most people in the world consider smoking to be a habit. Well that is not exactly true in most cases. Smoking is actually an addiction that can bring about a lot of problems. 

Smoking is not different then the millions of other drugs that a person can get addicted to. 

For the most part a person needs to understand that all of the world is going to be looking at the idea that anyone can kick smoking if they just tried. Have you ever run into a non-smoker with a cause? 

They are not the most pleasant people in the world are they? They are usually the type that has lost someone to cancer or other smoking related diseases and they are on a mission to get the word out. 

This does not include being nice to the smokers of the world either. For the most part the non-smokers with a cause have never smoked or they have quit and now consider themselves to be better than others around them. 

Well just because you are someone who has managed to quit that does not mean you are going to be better than anyone. If you have quit then you know that it is a constant battle and you will most likely have an urge when you are still non-smoking twenty years down the road. 

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These are referred to as triggers and they are something that all non-smokers who were smokers must deal with. Triggers are situations or times that trigger the impulse to smoke. Lets look at a simple trigger. 

Meals or after a meal is a big trigger for most smokers. The largest majority of people will smoke directly following food intake. This is something that really happens to most people. Now then, lets say you quit yesterday. 

Well, each time you eat a meal you still have that urge because for the past how many years you have smoked following a meal. Then there is the morning coffee. Coffee is a big thing with cigarettes. 

There seems to be some kind of ingredient in coffee that will trigger the impulse to smoke and there is nothing that you can do about it. So if you are a non-smoker it may be difficult for you to drink coffee for a certain amount of time. 

That is something that many people need to understand. Triggers are all around us and need to be understood. For the most part there is nothing that people can do about the triggers because they may be there for a long time. 

The fact is that you need to learn how to resist the triggers that way you are going to be a non-smoker and be very successful with it. You can always develop little ideas and concepts that help you deal with these times. 

Chewing gum is a big hit with many people. There is also the idea of rewarding yourself with something you would not normally have because you have ignored a trigger. Be careful of rewarding yourself with food as gaining weight after stopping smoking can be a big deal.

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