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Ways to Quit Smoking

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


If you have decided it's time for you to quit smoking, you may be concerned about how to do it. There are several options available to you.

There are medicated products, online support groups, telephone help lines, and plain old cold turkey.

Depending on your situation and your personal preferences, any one of these choices might be right for you.

Nicotine gum

For some people who decide to quit smoking, they can't break that addition to the nicotine easily. The temptation to smoke is just too compelling.

For these former smokers, nicotine gum can be an important tool in keeping your decision to quit smoking. The nicotine gum, available without a prescription, can be used to meet a strong urge to smoke by getting nicotine into your system without actually smoking.

With time and determination, you can regularly and gradually cut back on your use of nicotine gum until you have weaned yourself from it completely and have finally quit smoking (and your nicotine addiction too!).

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Nicotine patch

Normally prescribed by a physician, nicotine patches work in a similar way to nicotine gum. The adhesive patch is worn regularly and delivers a continuous level of nicotine to your system, in a way, fooling your body into thinking it's still smoking.

Like the use of nicotine gum, you gradually and regularly end up reducing the levels of nicotine until you break the habit and quit smoking.

Support groups

Some smokers who decide to quit smoking can't go it alone. They need the help and support of others to stay motivated. For these reasons, online help and telephone support numbers can be helpful. Check with your local or state department of health for telephone support numbers.

Look online for quit smoking support websites. By getting others involved in your choice to quit smoking, you can increase your feelings of accountability for your decision. This can help you stay motivated and stay quit, because you can't bear to let down those who are counting on you to quite.

Cold turkey

People with strong willpower may find that cold turkey, simply deciding to quit smoking and then stick to it without deviation, is the way to go.

If you're a very determined person and have the physical ability to overcome any physical symptoms of forcing a complete withdrawal of cigarettes from your life, then deciding to quit smoking by simply not smoking anymore may be the way to go.

This is understood to be possibly one of the toughest ways to quit, but it could be the most rewarding, if you're the kind of person who will take great pride in knowing that you quit smoking and you did it all by yourself.

For people who decide to quit smoking, it's good to know that there are so many choices in making the idea work.

From medicated options like patches and gum to relying on the group to help you resist temptation to the DIY option of simply deciding not to smoke again ever, there's no reason you can't find a solution that works for you and your situation.

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