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Herbal Therapy Of Quit Smoking

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Top Quit Smoking Products
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Although it has been used since ancient times, of late, herbal therapy has been taken more and more, as a mode of treatment for a number of ailments.

Part of the reason why it is so, is due to the fact that a lot of research and development is going into this system of therapy. They are also used to help people to quit smoking.

Herbals remedies

There are many herbal remedies in the market used by people to quit smoking.

Instead of smoking tobacco, which contains nicotine that acts as the addictive through the cigarette they are used as the ingredients to smoke. They can be herbal alternatives, herbal carminatives and the herbal cardiovascular tonics.

The herbal alternatives taken to quit smoking, cleanse the body system of toxins accumulated in the body through prolonged smoking. The herbs taken act a modulator to expunge the toxic elements from the body through the urine, stool and sweat.

The expulsion of them subsides the craving for smoking in the person. The body feels the effects of it and it also motivates him to quit smoking. The stomach problems like indigestion, flatulence associated smoking for long time is taken care of by the herbal carminatives.

People often put forward the excuse that they are not able to quit smoking as it helps them to keep the anxieties and mental tension under control. The herbal carminatives help to regulate their mood swings and anxiety level of the person.

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Used with other known herbal sedatives, it also acts to regulate the withdrawal symptoms. The herbal tonics regulate the body system as a whole, like maintaining the cardiovascular functions in order.

By using them, the person feels change in vitality and vigour and in more inclined to quit smoking. The decrease in blood pressure will make the person less stressed and hence the need to smoke is obviated.

The herbal products can be used in many ways to quit smoking. The herbal tobaccos can be smoked, or can be taken with wine.

The herbal tea can also used to quit smoking. Cigarettes with the herbal tobaccos do not contain the harmful and addictive ingredient, namely the nicotine and hence can be taken as an alternative way of smoking.

After some period smoking, it does not become any more necessary to smoke as the body gradually gets adjusted to it. But pregnant women and children are not allowed to smoke this, as smoking in any form, is always harmful and in such cases, experts advise other means to quit smoking.

Herbal quit smoking products

Some of the herbal quit smoking products are as follows

Hawaiian gold and hybrid bud - These are products that are popular among people or its flavour and taste. Used as an alternative for smoking, it helps to quit smoking. It is produced in Hawaii islands.

Blue lotus It is also used people to quit smoking. But, caution should be maintained about it as it induces drowsiness, which might hamper the regular daily business of the person.

Herbal tea Prepared and used like normal tea, it regulates the anxiety level and craving for nicotine and motivates both physically and mentally to quit smoking.

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