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Want to quit smoking? Try hypnosis

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


You may have tried to quit smoking many times before. You've gone cold turkey. You've tried nicotine gums and patches. Nothing seems to work.

But have you considered hypnosis to help you quit smoking? If you've tried everything else, it just may work.

The process of hypnosis guides your mind into a more relaxed state that leaves you more amenable to suggestion, the suggestion here being that you have the ability and willpower to quit smoking.

Something different

All of the other quit smoking methods that you've tried have come to you with baggage. Maybe baggage isn't the right word, but chances are, you know enough other smokers who have had difficulty quitting, regardless of the methods they've used.

So you have probably already heard about how hard this quit smoking method was or that one. You've gone into trying to quit smoking cold turkey or using nicotine patches and gums with the idea that they don't work because it didn't work with this friend or that relative.

Using hypnosis to quit smoking is a little bit different. Chances are, you haven't known anyone else who's done it, so you're going into it fresh and accepting of the idea that this just might work.

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Getting to the root of the problem

Using hypnosis to quit smoking may relax your thinking about the idea. If you have smoked for a long time, you may feel especially dependent on the habit of smoking.

The idea of quitting may subconsciously make you feel anxious, even if the decision to quit smoking is one you have spend a lot of time thinking about. The process of hypnosis can give you enough confidence and willpower to make your decision to quit smoking stick.

Flexible options

If you're interested in using hypnosis to quit smoking, there are several options available to meet your needs. You can choose to listen to a quit smoking audio hypnosis program on audiocassette or CD. You can choose to follow along with a program as outlined in a book.

You could also book an office visit with a hypnotherapist for an in-person hypnotherapy session. Before you decide, see if your medical insurance might cover one or another of these options. Talk to a hypnotherapist about his or her success rate, how many sessions you'd need, and what the fees are.

Think about whether you are determined enough to stick with it if you decide to go with a self-treatment option by audiocassette or CD or book.

As you can see, if you feel like you've tried everything else, it may be time to try hypnosis in your effort to quit smoking. Using hypnosis as your quit smoking tool just might be new enough to you to work.

It may also help give you the self confidence and motivation to make it work this time. And there are several different options for quit smoking hypnosis -- self-treating with a book, audiocassette, or CD; or visiting a hypnotherapist in his or her office. Good luck!

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