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For those who dislikes cigarettes but can't give up

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


No public service announcement's going to get you to quit smoking. What do those people know anyway, right? It's just the government trying to stick its nose in your business. It's your right to smoke.

You've got health insurance, right? So, who cares? Although in this economy, with everything getting more expensive, it's hard to find the money for cigarettes these days.

But here are a few tips to help you out now that you've decided not to quit smoking. From shaving money off your regular expenses to rethinking how you spend your cash, read on!

Instead of making yourself quit smoking, quit buying coffee on your way to work every morning. You can brew your own at home every morning and take it with you to work in a thermal mug.

The money you would have spent on cigarettes can go into a jar or shoebox you've set aside for cigarette money. If you get coffee every day, it really adds up quickly.

Instead of making yourself quit smoking, trim your grocery shopping budget. Clip coupons and watch for store circulars that tell you what the sales are. Buy generic brands. Buy in bulk.

Skip the luxuries. Take the difference between what you would have spent on groceries and what you do spend and put that into your cigarette money jar.

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Instead of making yourself quit smoking, begin to gather loose change. Pick up pennies and other coins you find on the street when you take a walk. Check the couch cushions and in between the seats of your car.

While you're in the care, check the floorboards too. Also, check pockets before doing laundry; if you find it, it's yours.

Turn in your recyclable soda and beer cans and bottles for the deposit money. When you buy something with cash, save the coins that you get for change and put it into your cigarette money jar.

Instead of making yourself quit smoking, quit going to the dry cleaners. Use those at-home dryer cleaning kits instead. Or take your clothes to the dry cleaners after every other wear; in between times, hang the clothes outside to air out and freshen up. Spot remove stains at home.

Find a bulk cleaners instead of one that charges by the item; some bulk dry cleaners charge by the pound.

Instead of making yourself quit smoking; quit your subscription to the daily newspaper. Most of what you need to know is online anyway, and most newspapers have an online website you can check for local news.

Think of it this way, you'll save trees, too! No one can say smokers don't care about the environment too. When you start thinking about it, if you're not going to quit smoking, there are a number of changes you can make that will allow you to still be able to afford cigarettes.

You can cut corners and cut coupons and you don't have to quit smoking. You can get creative with finding lost change and making better use of your cash so you don't have to quit smokig. So, don't quit smoking, just save cigarette money more creatively!

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