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Smell better - quit smoking!

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


There are many benefits that you will see once you decide to quit smoking. You'll breathe easier, you'll save a ton of money, food will taste better, and you'll smell better.

Well, yes, you won't smell like cigarette smoke anymore, but you'll smell better, meaning your nose will work better. And can you just imagine all of the things you'll now be able to enjoy, once you have quit?

A simple trip to the grocery store becomes so much more

Doing the grocery shopping is usually a chore. But when you quit smoking and your sense of smell improves, going to the grocery store will open up a whole new world. In the fruit and produce section, you'll smell sweet summer strawberries and fresh tart rhubarb.

When you quit smoking, the bakery section will fill your head with the scent of fresh breads and rolls, sweet cakes and fruit pies. Where the florist section is, you can breathe in the sharp smell of lavender and the soft smell of the hydrangeas.

When you quit smoking, you can enjoy the coffee displays, the pungent smell of morning that lasts all day long. Even the chemically smell of the new bills you use to pay for your groceries will smell good to you after you have quit smoking.

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A trip around the block is a whole new world

Whereas you used to just take a walk around the block, now your evening stroll is punctuated by late-blooming jasmine. Fresh cut grass and the smell of wet dirt after the sprinklers have been on assaults your senses. Hot summer asphalt after sudden summer rain.

When you have quit smoking, the wafting aroma of people cooking dinner with the windows open will have your mouth watering -- the smoky smell of burning charcoal and sizzling steak, the spicy smell of Italian pastas and sauces, freshly baked cookies.

Get a new sense of your family

When you have quit smoking, you'll get a whole new sense of your children. Things like freshly shampooed hair. The earthy smell they come into the house with after digging in the dirt. Stinky feet and smelly sneakers. Handpicked bouquets of dandelions from tiny hands.

And your spouse! When you quit smoking, you'll notice things like the cologne he wears, or the perfume she dots behind her ears. Or maybe the sweaty, motor oily smell after he's been working on the car, or the soapy smell she has after a shower. You can quit smoking and begin enjoying smells you haven't smelled in years.

When you decide to quit smoking, there are a number of unexpected pleasures that you'll find. You get your sense of smell restored when you quit smoking. After having everything touched by cigarette smoke for so many years, it will be like a whole new world that you've stepped into once you quit smoking.

You'll find new smells in simple things like doing the grocery shopping, taking a walk around your neighborhood, and even just enjoying being with your family. So quit smoking, and get to smelling good!

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