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Quit Smoking And Sustain It

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It is obviously a great achievement to quit smoking.

But what is more important is to sustain it through the rest of your life for many a times, the people had who had successfully completed the quit smoking programmes revert back to their old ways with time.

So, one should be careful of this occurrence. Stoppage of nicotine consumption activates a change in the metabolism of the body, which heralds certain physical as well mental change in the body system.

Hence one should be cautious enough of the symptoms that develops after the ‘quit smoking programme.‘ The different symptoms are as follows:

Withdrawal symptoms – The successful completion of the ‘quit smoking programme’ is associated by followed by severe physical discomfiture in the person. The efforts to quit smoking bereft he body of nicotine, which is powerful chemical.

It takes some time for the body to adjust to it after quitting smoking. The pain developed is called as withdrawal symptoms.

Physical changes after quitting smoking – The physical changes manifested in the person after quitting smoking are many. The lowering of level of nicotine in the body may trigger problems varied number of problems. They are as follows:

Tiredness – Due to the metabolic change in the body after quitting smoking, the vitality of the body is lost to a great extent. Since it takes time for the body to get adjusted and to regain back the vitality, care should be taken in this regard. Demanding workloads should not be taken after quitting smoking.

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Weight gain - By quitting smoking, the nicotine level in the body is reduced. Hence, there is possibility of gaining excess weight. So, after quitting smoking care should be taken to go for a dietary plan so as not to overeat which may lead to weight gain.

Breathing problem – After quitting smoking, there might be development respiratory problems in the form of sneezing and wheezing, cough and breathing problems.

Stomach problems – After quitting smoking, care should be taken regarding the food habits, as there is difficulty in digesting food properly. Foods rich in oil and less in fibre should be avoided.

These are some after the symptoms that develop after quitting smoking. To maintain a healthy body and also to keep the remission of smoking at bay, efforts should be made to maintain good health.

Maintaining a healthy body after quitting smoking

Smoking is always associated with loss of vitality and good health. So, quitting smoking successfully the person should strive to regain back the health. The important organs of the body like heart, kidney, liver, skin, and throat are already affected by the smoking.

After quitting smoking, different adjustments are to be made in consultation with the medical experts to revive them back their normal functioning. After quitting smoking, paramount importance should be given to sustain it.

This needs some social adjustment as well like putting restrictions on visiting places and people whose company might expose and tempt you to smoke again.

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