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Quit Smoking Aids

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


Although large number of people smoke these days, it is also a fact that by virtue of the serious campaigns by different social and government organisations, more and more people are also queuing up to quit smoking.

So also, the different manufacturing companies of different products, who want to push their methods and products to quit smoking, in order to make profit.

At times, the customer impressed by the advertisement campaign, goes for something but without any success. The end result it, he is confused and more importantly, his endeavours to quit smoking takes a beating.

So, to quit smoking, it is important to have a clear idea of the different methods and products available in the market. Their efficacies and its suitability upon the individual concerned should also be known to select the one to be adopted in order to quit smoking.

There are various quit smoking aids that are doing the rounds in the market. Some of them are as follows:

Nicotine inhaler, nasal spray, lozenges, patches and gums

These are mainly used as replacement products nicotine to quit smoking. They are inhaled, sprayed in both the nostrils, taken as candies, and as an adhesive tap, which releases nicotine slowly into the blood stream. But these products are to be taken with the consultation of the doctors, as nicotine is used here to quit smoking.

The lacunae in with these quit smoking aids is that they contain nicotine in them. Hypnosis treatment to quit smoking – Through this method, hypnosis is used to help the person quit smoking. The person is hypnotised and taken into a subconscious level.

During this induced drowsiness, suggestions are given to the person to quit smoking. This therapy proves very effective to many. 

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The quit smoking clinics and support groups

It is an established fact that interacting with the friends or groups, who are also in the same boat, helps a lot. Since the sole aim of all the persons there is to quit smoking, interacting and discussing with each other keeps the motivational level high. This is an aspect, which is to be taken into consideration to quit smoking.

The quit smoking clinics also uses this in helping people to quit smoking. Apart from selecting quit smoking aids for individuals, it also conducts motivational therapies for groups.

New quit smoking aids

Chantyx and Zyban are one of the recently used aids for quit smoking. The great thing about these aids is that they do not contain nicotine in them and they come in the form of pills. Also, their effectiveness to quit smoking and the risks of any side effect, have been studied clinically.

Selection of suitable quit smoking aid

The metabolism rate varies in person to person. Hence, one quit smoking aid proving its efficacy on one, may not be useful for another person. And the intensity of side effects varies from person to person.

So, medical advice, suggestions from friend’s who have gone through the same process should be sought for and the best aid should be adopted to quit smoking.

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