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Quit Smoking Benefits

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Everybody knows it. The social workers, doctors, the banners on the roads, the ads on television and theatres, even the governments say it – ‘Quit Smoking.’ 

In fact, ‘Quit Smoking’ has been the most shouted slogans by all organisations engaged in the welfare of the society. Millions of dollars are spent to free the society from this menace.

But, quit smoking awareness programmes, the quit smoking bans taken up by different organisations, do not yield any result.

This is primarily because of the fact that, smoking is an indulgence of human being. So, ultimately it is he and only he has to quit smoking. The outside influence can only help him to quit smoking.

To quit smoking, the motivational level plays a crucial role. And in order to be motivated enough to quit smoking; one has to be well aware of the benefits of it. Let’s discuss the different benefits of quit smoking benefits:

Quit smoking health benefits

  • The Lungs become clear and thus frees from coughing and panting. There is less of sinus congestion. The pulse becomes regular. As a result, the breathing pattern improves. 

  • Normalcy in pulse rate is achieved. Compared to persons who do smoke have a higher pulse than those who don’t. This makes the person fitter for demanding jobs. 

  • As the fertility rate remarkably improves, quitting smoking makes the person more capable for pregnancy and giving birth. 

  • Pre-existing problem of hypertension is alleviated with the lowering of blood pressure. 

  • There is less chance of gangrene and amputation. 

  • Probability of developing cancer, lungs, heart disease. 

  • The life expectancy increases. 

  • A major quit smoking benefit is avoiding pulmonary heart diseases, which is always tremendous threat to smokers. 

  • The probability of off springs developing asthma, or glue ear also decreases. 

Apart from the above-mentioned health benefits of quit smoking, the lifestyle of the person improves in big way. Those quit smoking benefits ban be follows:

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  • The quality of life improves with less fatigue. 

  • In addition to gaining general health and vitality, there is quit smoking benefit for the family members as well. They are freed from the passive smoking allowing you to spend more time with them. 

  • The body and personal belongings like cloth, purse is freed from the odour of tobacco. 

  • There is a direct quit smoking benefit in the form of improvement in the general mood. 

  • The tastes of food can be appreciated better is quit smoking benefit. The appetite increases. 

  • The waning in the frequency of the irritating heartburns and indigestions are great quit smoking benefit that improves the quality of life. 

  • The yellowish colour of skin, hair, nails and the brownish black colour of the tongue goes away. 

  • There is also financial quit smoking benefit. Smoking habit constantly eats away your income. 

  • Improvement in voice quality is also a quit smoking benefit. 

  • The biggest quit smoking benefit is of course, evading a premature death.

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