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Quit Smoking Effects

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Top Quit Smoking Products
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A lot of efforts have been made by different organisations all over the world to encourage people to quit smoking.

Yet, the desired result is not being achieved in this direction. In this connection, it is imperative that people should know about the hazards of smoking, and the fear of it might force them to quit smoking.

In fact, instead of pointing them as the effects of smoking they can also put forward the effects or incentives to quit smoking. That is, those unwanted diseases could be kept at bay by quitting smoking.

Why to quit smoking?

To avert the occurrence of various diseases, one has to quit smoking. The diseases can be cataract, periodontitis, pneumonia, and all types of cancers, cardiac problems etc. The effects of smoking can be pronounced on certain people who are like children, pregnant women. Hence, these people have to quit smoking.

The different effects of smoking on people about which people should be aware of thus making them more inclined to quit smoking are as follows:

50 percent of people who smoke regularly during their lifetime die due to it during their middle age. This staggering figure alone should be enough to put the dread for cigarette in the minds of people to quit smoking.

Smoking can cause all types of cancers. Cancer of colon, mouth, stomach, cervix, larynx, oesophagus, kidneys and lungs are the result of smoking. So people, who are habitual smokers, have to quit smoking in order to be free from them.

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Smoking causes infertility in many women. Prolonged smoking among people has rendered many childless. Since the reproductive capacity is affected by it they have to quit smoking.

The carbon monoxide associated with smoking is very harmful to human body. It leads to the loss of body tissue and the proper functioning of brain and heart is impaired with the loss of oxygen.

This can lead heart or brain stroke and paralysis. To avoid these problems it is necessary that people who are addicted should quit smoking.

Insomnia is usually associated with heavy smoking. They find it hard to get proper sleep. So, those people who smoke and as result are insomniac have to quit smoking.

Prolonged smoking inactivates the taste buds and lessens the appetite. Hence, to taste and enjoy food one has quit smoking.

It is imperative to quit smoking, to maintain a normal skin, skin and teeth. Regular smoking robs the natural colour of the skin making it wrinkled, the fingers become yellowish and the teeth are stained.

It is extremely important for pregnant women to quit smoking. Smoking during pregnancy can greatly affect for the well being of the child and also the mother leading to severe complication.

It is not only the person himself who is affected by the harmful effects of smoking but also the people around the smokers who are also in danger of being afflicted by certain ailments like asthma, headache, nausea, coughing, watery eyes, sneezing and running nose.

So, people have quit to smoking for themselves but also for their near and dear ones. Hence, it is wise to quit smoking before its effects ruins the life completely.

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