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Quit Smoking For Pregnant Women

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Smoking is problem that is afflicting a sizable proportion people transcending countries, religion, sex and age.

The physical condition of the person also doesn’t become a hindrance in many cases and do not prompt them to quit smoking.

Ailing persons, even with an weak heart also are not able to suppress the craving for smoking.

In this context, it important for the ailing an particularly unfit persons to be much aware of the hazardous effects of smoking which will drive them to quit smoking. 

Women like men are also susceptible to develop the habit of smoking. Although in some countries and cultures it is looked down, still all over the world it has been the habit of many women. While many supposedly derive pleasure out of it, some take it a fashion statement.

Whatever may the reason behind it, it is fact that after some time it becomes a way of life and they continue to smoke unabated and are reluctant to quit smoking even during pregnancy. Pregnancy in women is one of the conditions when the risks smoking increases manifold.

Hence, they should be made fully aware of the deleterious effects of smoking on their health and the baby to motivating them to quit smoking. The hazards of smoking in pregnant women are as follows:

Death of the baby – If the woman does not quit smoking during smoking, the chances of death of the still to be born baby increases.

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Colic problem – The chances of the baby developing colic, a problem seen among many babies, increases if the mother doesn’t quit smoking during pregnancy.

Placenta Abruption – Placenta abruption occurs when the placenta pulls the sides of the uterus during labour pain warranting a caesarean operation. In case of woman, who doesn’t quit smoking during pregnancy this kind of problem is more acute, as prolonged smoking makes the walls of the uterus more thinner.

Lung problem - The smoke exhaled forces the baby into passive smoking thus making him more susceptible to develop respiratory problems like asthma.

Miscarriage – It has a problem that occurs more in case woman who smokes. This is a reason why she should quit smoking at least during the pregnancy period.

Reduction in weight of the baby – The weight of the baby after the birth is a main factor that controls the health of the baby. Low weight is a major contributor for the pre-natal deaths among the babies. Smoking makes the newborn baby underweight. Hence, woman should quit smoking during pregnancy.

Sudden infant death syndrome – There is more likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome among pregnant women who smoke.

Premature birth – Among the women who smoke there is probability of the rupture of membrane resulting in premature birth of the baby.

Premature birth of the babies may lead to several complications regarding the health of the baby and it might also be fatal at times. It is one of the reasons why the woman should quit smoking during pregnancy.

To be a mother bringing in a life to the world, they say, is the most endearing experience of an woman. Hence, to be a responsible and proud mother, it is important to quit smoking.

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