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Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis

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Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


Of all the smokers, almost 90 percent try to quit smoking at some time or other. But the fact is, few succeed. This can be attributed to the fact that smoking becomes a habit, a way of life and old habits die hard.

That apart another reason why many people fail to quit smoking is that it also becomes physical need a pathological addiction.

Bereft of nicotine, the chemical responsible creating a temporary high, the body develops withdrawal symptoms.

So, the unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking are due to both psychological as well as physical reasons. Hence, to quit smoking the level have of motivation and mental strength have to be high enough to be successful.

For this, hypnosis can be effective to quit smoking. It can be through self-hypnosis, where the person has to do it himself by relaxation and autosuggestions with the helps different aids or through the hypno-therapist.

A combination of both these techniques to quit smoking is also used. The person has to listen to recording of the professionals and follow them.

Through hypnosis, a person is driven to a semi-conscious state and at that time he is amenable to suggestions and even commands. So, in that state the person is suggested to quit smoking.

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It is wrong notion among many people that going through the hypnotic process might hamper the independent thinking and creativity of the people.

On the contrary, it helps a lot in modifying attitude and habits even the old and deep-seated ones. Since, smoking is a way of habit with many people it works effectively in this way.

That apart, the failure of many people to quit smoking can be traced to the fact that it becomes a physical demand over the years making the person helpless. Here, hypnosis can it boosts the will power and confidence of the person to quit smoking.

Different states of quit smoking hypnosis therapy

The quit smoking therapy through hypnosis should not be rushed through. It has to be imparted methodically to be effective. The person goes through different stages in the quit smoking hypnosis therapy.

In the initial stage, the person is told of the harmful effects smoking of smoking and how people fall for it with a view to prepare him for the quit smoking hypnosis therapy. After that he is taken into a hypnotic state, and suggestions are given to quit smoking.

Through speeches describing about the futility of smoking, s process continues till the person is totally free from the habit. Although one single is session of therapy to quit smoking is also effective, but to have a complete result, multiple sessions of hypnosis may be necessary to quit smoking.

Success rate in the case of people, who try to quit smoking with sessions of hypnosis, is a staggering 10 times as against people who do not use it as a tool. That is why it has been made part of the quit smoking treatment protocol by many experts.

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