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How to Stop Smoking

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


Everyone is aware that smoking is bad for your health. Despite this, millions of people around the world continue to smoke because they feel like the risk that applies to others does not apply to them.

This kind of mindset will not help a person stop smoking even if he wants to learn how to stop smoking.

Knowing more information on how to stop smoking by identifying all the risks you put yourself into every time you smoke is essential to effectively quitting the habit.

A stick of cigarette packs 4,000 chemicals. Around 43 of these chemicals are very harmful to the body. Some of the worse chemicals you will inhale include:

  • Nicotine the dangers of nicotine cannot be emphasized enough. It is a highly addictive depressant and can cause a variety of health problems. 

  • Arsenic popular chemical for rat poison 

  • Ammonia found in floor cleansers 

  • Methane a substance included in rocket fuel 

  • Carbon monoxide a component in car pollution 

  • Formaldehyde used for body preservation 

  • Cadmium substance used for batteries 

  • Hydrogen cyanide the same component found in gas chambers as poison 

Every smoke you inhale brings a small amount of all these harmful components into your lungs and bloodstream. If you want to learn how to stop smoking, you should begin by making the decision to quit. This decision is a big positive step forward on how to stop smoking.

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Still, there are some things you need to do in order to increase your chances of success.

If you know how to stop smoking but this knowledge didn't help you, probe as to why it wasn't effective for you. What steps can you do in order to increase your chances of success?

Inform your friends and family that you've decided to learn how to stop smoking properly because you are serious about it. Then ask them not to taunt or tease you because you need their support and encouragement. In addition, tell them not to offer you any cigarettes anymore.

Get rid of everything related to cigarette smoking. That means you need to throw out any remaining cigarette sticks, ashtrays, and lighters out of your room, car, and house.

How to stop smoking? Admit to your weaknesses. Inquire about nicotine replacement techniques. It is important to realize and accept that nicotine is addicting and that you are addicted to it. Ask the doctor whether quit smoking aids such as patches, gums, and certain medications can be used to help you.

Join support groups and learn how to stop smoking with each other. Talking with others who share the same problems and challenges as you can prove to be therapeutic.

Have someone around. A person who you can call every time you have an urge to smoke can be helpful. Instead of smoking, he or she can encourage you not to be dedicated on your quest to stop smoking. The two of you can go jogging or hit the gym.

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