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What you'll miss if you don't quit smoking

In a hurry to quit smoking?
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People who have been smokers for years may find it so very difficult to quit, they wonder if it is even worth it. After all, it's only smoking, right?

Wrong. For far more than just physical reasons, making the decision to quit can have a significant impact on your life. Read on to find out what you might miss if you don't quit smoking, you might be amazed…

1. If you don't quit smoking, you may not dance at your daughter's wedding.

You may not see your little girl all grown up into a beautiful and confident woman, starting a new chapter in her life as she flies from the nest and sets up her own home with her new husband.

Imagine your spouse in a handsome suit. Envision your granddaughter looking angelic in her taffeta flower girl dress. It's a beautiful scene, and if you don't quit smoking, you may miss it.

2. If you don't quit smoking, you may not see your grandchildren born. The sweet innocent children of your very own children may never be held, rocked in your arms, or whispered to as they drift off to sleep, all tucked in to their parent's old bedrooms.

Imagine first birthdays and lost teeth. Imagine sleepovers and trips to the circus. Now imagine missing all of that because you didn't quit smoking.

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3. If you don't quit smoking, you may never get to go on that second honeymoon. No moonlit cruise to somewhere tropical. No warm fireside chats in a ski chalet with your snowbunny. No long and relaxing walks on the beach, just the two of you.

Imagine reminiscing about the decades, the highs and lows, the adventures and the tears. Now imagine not being there because you didn't quit smoking.

4. If you don't quit smoking, you may not get to enjoy a long an happy retirement. There will be no relaxing mornings puttering around the garden or walking through the neighborhood on a crisp autumn night.

Imagine having the time to do the things you've always wanted to do, like gardening, painting, arts and crafts, even the Sunday crossword puzzles. Now imagine never having that opportunity, because you didn't quit smoking.

5. If you don't quit smoking, you may not have many more holiday dinners. Imagine your partner, your children, your beautiful grandchildren, gathered around the holiday dinner table and your place… empty. Imagine holiday gifts wrapped and ready for giving. Imagine big family dinners, after-dinner games.

And now imagine all of it without you because you didn't quit smoking. This is just a short list of the things you'll miss if you don't quit smoking. Smoking takes a toll on your health. While the extent of the damage may not be immediately clear, the damage is real.

Only by deciding to quit smoking can you give your body a fighting chance to mitigate and correct the physical damage done by years of smoking. So don't wait, quit smoking today and begin more fully enjoying the rest of your life.

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