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Quit smoking and have more time

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
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When people think of deciding to quit smoking, they often think of the health benefits.

They may also consider the expense of buying cigarettes, the health of their children as related to second-hand smoke, and breathing easier.

One benefit to making the decision to quit smoking that isn't often cited is the idea that you'll have more time.

Sure, a single cigarette may not take a whole lot of time to smoke, but if you were a two-pack a day smoker, that's about five minutes per cigarette, or about two hours of time you can spend doing something else!

A new hobby

If you quit smoking and decide to spend that time working toward something else, you would have around two hours of time to fill. In that time, you can work on a new hobby or skill.

Whether it's something practical like cooking or sewing or something more fun like redecorating or even shopping, chances are that there is some skill or activity that you would like to practice. When you quit smoking, this is the perfect opportunity to try something new and stick to it until it becomes second nature.

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Learn something new

If you have to learn something new, imagine how good you'd get at it in the few hours every day that you've reclaimed since you quit smoking. With two hours, that is time to learn something new. It can even be something complicated or time-consuming.

Think baking or cooking, crochet or knitting or jewelry design. When you quit smoking, you may be looking for something to do with your hands; taking up a hobby may ease the transition to a smoke-free lifestyle.

Re-work your schedule

One little-talked about aspect is the time spent away from work during cigarette breaks. If you simply redirected the time you spent taking a cigarette break before you quit smoking on your work, then perhaps you'd be able to take more or different time off.

Perhaps you could get an extra vacation day, or perhaps come in late, leave early, or take a longer lunch. By spending the time you would have spent smoking doing something else, you can also get the added benefit of staying busy while you're trying to break the habit of having a cigarette in your hand.

People who quit smoking and then redirect that energy into performing their day to day jobs may be more productive and it shows. People who are more productive may get promoted more often, which is a great added benefit.

So you see, there are many reasons that you'd want to quit smoking but perhaps the most intriguing is the idea that you'll now have two free hours per week. When you quit smoking, that time opens up a whole new world of possibilities. There are activities to learn and to practice.

There are opportunities at work and at home. And while there are a number of reasons to quit smoking, the tantalizing possibilities brought about by the gift of time may be the most underrated.

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