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Popular Alternative Quit Smoking Programs

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Top Quit Smoking Products
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Popular Alternative Quit Smoking Programs

Millions of smokers around the world want to quit their smoking habit and start living a healthier life.

The problem is even if they are willing to stop their smoking pattern; they are unable to do so because they are already physically and psychologically addicted to the nicotine substance found in cigarettes.

It is a good thing then that are various quit smoking programs that are widely available wherever you live.

Though some of these quit smoking programs might help certain people, its overall effectiveness on every single individual is unknown.

Scopolamine and atropine therapy

A lot of smoke rehab clinics offer the scopolamine and atropine therapy as one of their quit smoking programs. It involves taking shots of scopolamine and atropine in order to minimize the smoker's withdrawal symptoms.

The above-mentioned drugs block out the effects of acetylcholine which is responsible for transmitting information in the nervous system. These types of quit smoking programs is also usually prescribed for people suffering from Parkinson's disease, digestive problems, and motion sickness.

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However, people who have high blood pressure, glaucoma, or have heart problems should not take this treatment because of its potential side effects.

Take note that aside from the scopolamine and atropine, you will also need to take other drugs to control the side effects including constipation, urinating problems, dizziness, blurry vision, and changes if your sense of smell and taste.


Hypnosis is another quit smoking programs you can try out but its effectiveness usually depends on the expertise of the practitioner and your own respond to it.

The technique in hypnosis as a quit smoking programs also vary a great deal so it is almost impossible to get an accurate figure on its effectiveness. Still, some smokers find this useful so they recommend this as part of quit smoking programs.


Still other alternative quit smoking programs include acupuncture. It has long been used to help people quit their smoking habits but there is little evidence that show how well it works.

Acupuncture will be performed in some parts of the ears to help lessen the urge to smoke. Needles are inserted through the skin to balance out the flow of energy in the body.

Low-level Laser Therapy 

The low-level laser therapy is related to acupuncture in quit smoking programs. This treatment is sometimes referred to as cold laser therapy because light beams targets the body's acupuncture points to balance a person's energy level and lessen its dependence of nicotine.

These types of quit smoking programs are supposed to release endorphins and relax the smokers to relieve the addiction.

Herbs and Supplements 

Almost every alternative quit smoking programs include the use of herbs and supplements that helps a smoker quit his habit.

Although there is little research that suggest herbal supplements and herbal stop smoking aids can actually stop the craving to smoke, these types of products are being promoted as a dietary supplement.

There is no need to get FDA approval for this to be sold in the market because supplements generally have no approved therapeutic claims.

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