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Unconventional quit smoking methods

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
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If you are looking to quit smoking for good and are interested in supplementing the quit smoking program you're already using, here are a few good ideas that will help keep your motivation to quit smoking up during the tough times when you're feeling discouraged and deprived.

Every smoker who is trying to quit will find that there are days that it's not too hard and days where it is excruciating. Read on for ways to keep your motivation up while you have quit smoking.

Carry the right bag

If you're an avid fashion follower, take advantage of the popularity of today's popular small handbags. You should buy the smallest purse you can, one that allows for you to carry only the essentials. For example, only keys, mobile phone, and lipstick.

Make sure that there isn't enough room for a pack of cigarettes and matches. This will help make it harder for you to smoke while you're out and about.

Having to think about if and where to carry your cigarettes may prompt you to really think about whether or not you are going to take them with you and use them to smoke, even though you have decided that you are going to quit smoking. 

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Drop everything

While you're packing that super-small purse that purposely doesn't have room for a pack of cigarettes, you might also want think about ditching most of the contents of your wallet, too.

If you are really serious about deciding to quit smoking and want to reinforce your quit smoking program, then not carrying money and a credit or debit card -- making it much harder to buy cigarettes -- can really help.

Not being able to buy cigarettes easily may keep them out of your hands until your nicotine impulse has passed and you can continue working hard to quit smoking. 

Bait and switch

Another unconventional option is to fill your cigarette case with family photographs instead of a pack of cigarettes. This way, you will see what exactly you are risking by continuing to smoke.

You should deliberately choose the most adorable, heart-tugging photographs for maximum effect. You can also hide photographs in your pack of cigarettes directly, so that you see your loved ones every time you pull a cigarette out of the pack.

By forcing yourself to look face to face with friends and family, maybe even your children, you can reinforce the work you've been doing as part of your quit smoking program. 

If you are serious about your decision to quit smoking, then adding unconventional methods to supplement your quit smoking program can help you reach that goal and maintain that goal.

For example, you could carry a super-small pocketbook, one that is too small for a pack of cigarettes.

Or you could be conscious of not carrying money with you unless it's absolutely necessary so that when you get the urge to buy a pack of cigarettes, you aren't able to; when you do get back to your wallet, you should be past the nicotine impulse.

You can also tuck photographs of your friends and family into your pack of cigarettes so that when you reach for one, you'll get a quick and effective reminder of exactly why you are working so hard to quit smoking.

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