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Motivate yourself to quit smoking

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


If you have recently quit smoking and are having a hard time feeling motivated, here's an idea for keeping yourself going. Every time you are tempted to buy a pack of cigarettes, you can take that money and save it.

If you come up with a great list of things to do with that money, you will have something tangible to look forward to. This can help you stay in the loop with your quit smoking program. 

Plan a vacation

If it's been a long time since you've been on vacation, use the money that you would have spend on cigarettes to look into a vacation -- a real vacation with airfare, hotel, meals, and rental car. Think about all the places you have -- and haven't -- been.

Make a list of them in priority order and as you make plans and keep these plans with the money you saved when you quit smoking.

The possibilities are endless, from short weekend trips away to jump start your motivation to saving for longer trips away to exotic locales or places that you have always wanted to visit. Keep a scrapbook of your travels and you'll have a memorable record of your achievements in your quest to quit smoking.

Revamp your closet

Let's say that travel's not your thing. So take the opportunity to revamp your closet after you have quit smoking. Splurge on the latest new fashions, accessories, and shoes.

Take a renewed pride in your appearance. Shift the focus of your attention from your smoking to your personal style. If you can successfully keep yourself distracted from thinking about smoking and feeling deprived, then you stand a better chance of success with your quit smoking program.

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Keep an eye on the latest fashions, shop around for the absolute latest in high fashion and pull it all together like a fashion pro. Use the money that you're not spending on cigarettes since you've quit smoking to keep yourself looking fabulous instead of down that you don't have cigarettes anymore. 

Go back to school

Okay, sure, you'll need to spend some time saving for this one, but if you are really interested in exploring your options, then you may want to take the money that you haven't been spending on cigarettes since you quit smoking and save it up for a college or continuing education class.

Take this opportunity to enhance your career or try something different. Use the money that you haven't spent since you quit smoking and really change your life.

So you see, there are a number of things you can do with the money you've saved since you have quit smoking. Having a tangible and real goal that is within your reach can be a powerful motivator, both to quit smoking and to work for the stated reward.

While travel, fashion, and continuing education may not be your exact interests, you get the idea. Pick something that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to do and go for it!

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