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Create a good support system to quit smoking

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Top Quit Smoking Products
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It's hard to quit smoking, so when you decide to take the plunge, you should begin building a support network for yourself so that when you are feeling discouraged about it or just begin to think that it's really just too hard, you have people to lean on to get you through the hard times.

While it may feel like the decision to quit smoking is a solo one, no one says that you have to go it alone all the time. You have friends and family who love you and if asked, would be more than happy to help do what they can to support you in your aim to quit smoking.

Tell everyone

When you are ready to quit smoking, make it public knowledge. Tell your friends and family that you plan to quit smoking. By telling people, you are putting it out there so that your friends and family can serve as your support network in your effort to quit smoking.

You don't need to make any grand announcements, you need to merely let it develop naturally in a conversation. If there are specific steps you would like this friend or that family member to take, now is the time to tell him or her, that way, there are no surprises later. 


By telling friends and family that you are going to quit smoking, you will likely feel more accountable. If you light up in front of your friends, you'll think twice, because you know they know you have decided to quit.

Sure, it may make for an awkward time or two, but the presence and support of people who know you and care about you and take care of any of that. It's not the kind of thing you should spend time worrying about.

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Don't be shy

Family and friends' support can be a key part of your quit smoking program. These are people who know you, who love you, and who want to see you succeed. Don't be shy about telling them what you need so that they can do what you need them to do too.

Make your expectations clear. If you want your friends to call you on it when you light up, then say so; but then remember, you can't get angry when your friend does this if you asked him or her to do it in the first place.

Gentle quit smoking reminders can be helpful as can group sports activities, shopping trips, and outside activities like mini golf -- anything to take your mind off it sometimes, really.

So you see, if you think about it, your friends and family are a support system that can be as important as any quit smoking program that you sign up for. These are helpful people that genuinely are about you.

Let them help you quit smoking; you don't have to do this alone. Just make sure that you are specific in your expectations so that they know what you want them to do and you know what they're willing to do to help.

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