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Reasons to Quit Smoking

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There are a number of reasons to quit smoking and surely these are beneficial to our health.It is truly significant to learn the reasons to quit smoking as these will assist you in combating your cravings for nicotine.

There are different governments all throughout the globe who have attempted to entice the people to quit smoking, but most of them seem to fail. We are aware of the health risks involved in the habit and this should be one of reasons to quit smoking.

Even though we are aware of the reasons to quit smoking, we sometimes disregard it for the idea that the health issues would come out on the latter part of our life and not in an instant.

Sometimes, there is a concept that there will be a moment that you will die not because of smoking and so why is there a need to quit now?

If you will decide to stop the habit, think of your health as one of the reasons to quit smoking. But, you don’t have to make it as the main reasons to quit smoking.

When you think about it the main reasons to quit smoking would be financial matters. The prices of all commodities are getting higher and also with the pack of cigarettes.

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Don’t you think it’s a big waste of cash once you spend your money for things like cigarettes rather than expending it for more important needs such as clothing and food supply?

Smoking started way back in 1000 B.C. by Mayan civilization and it was never been commercialized until 17th century. Smoking became more popular since World War II where soldiers are handed out with cigarettes to augment their fighting morale.

But, there are negative effects of smoking and there are reasons to quit smoking. Here are some of the reasons to quit smoking.

  • Some of the reasons to quit smoking is that is makes your heart function harder. Smokers don’t grow old because they die young. And the reason is because of circulatory problems like lung cancer. Cigarettes posses 2 major chemicals like carbon monoxide and nicotine.

  • Among the reasons to quit smoking is because it covers the lungs with thick black coat. The tar from the cigarettes remains in the lungs, mount, lips, throat and gullet. This is the equal component used in creating roads.

  • Other reasons to quit smoking are that it will create a bad physical appearance. Most people dislike people who smoke. When you choke the bad odor of cigarette will come out from your mouth. It will make your breath stink as well as your clothes.

  • One more reasons to quit smoking is that it ruins the male sex cells; it makes it harder to conceive a child. Pregnant ladies who are smokers have a high risk of miscarriage as well as premature birth. The baby may also have a declined mathematical and verbal ability.

  • You risk your family members to second hand smoke. They are at high risk of acquiring diseases related to smoking.

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