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How To Quit Smoking Safely

In a hurry to quit smoking?
Top Quit Smoking Products
Quit Smoking Comparisons Table


There are many ways to learn how to quit smoking safely. The important thing is that you are ready to quit.

Once you are really ready to learn how to quit smoking safely, then you can begin considering what quit smoking options are right for your lifestyle and personality and smoking needs. 

Nicotine patches and gums

In some cases, nicotine patches and gums can help you with how to quit smoking safely. These can usually be purchased at the drugstore or the grocery store.

They are especially helpful in learning how to quit smoking safely because they can facilitate a gradual withdrawal from cigarette use. 

These are preferred by some people who want to quit smoking safely because they are easy to use, you can take them with you anywhere when you want to quit smoking safely, and you can gradually withdraw from smoking.

This will hopefully allow you to quit for good as you wean yourself from smoking instead of quitting cold turkey. Nicotine patches may be better for some people because they are more discreet.

They can be worn under clothes and no one will know it's there unless you tell them. Nicotine gum may satisfy the oral craving that accompanies smoking but there are some circumstances in which it isn't appropriate to chew gum.

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Hypnosis programs

There are also hypnosis programs that can help people learn how to quit smoking safely.

These hypnosis programs that are designed to teach people how to quit smoking safely can be done in a hypnotherapist's office or with a CD or audiocassette that you can purchase and listen to on your own, where it's comfortable for you.

The nice thing about using a hypnosis program for learning how to quit smoking safely is that some people are very susceptible to this kind of power of suggestion. If that's you, this could be the best way to find a permanent solution to how to quit smoking safely. 

The hypnosis programs can also teach you coping skills for dealing with nicotine cravings when you are trying to learn how to quit smoking safely. 

Support groups

Going to quit smoking support group can be a great way to learn how to quit smoking safely.

You can draw on the experience and wisdom and coping skills as evidenced by other smokers. This can be an especially effective treatment if you're a people person and are very social with others.

Cold turkey

If your family physician is okay with it (after you've already had a full physical to address any underlying medical issues first) you can also learn how to quit smoking safely by going cold turkey, or just stopping, immediately and completely.

For people with outstanding will power, cold turkey can work. With cold turkey as your preferred method of how to quit smoking safely, you could avoid any kind of over-reliance on nicotine gum or nicotine patches.

You could also avoid the expense and time needed for hypnosis or support groups or any other kind of quit smoking treatment.

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