We Reviewed The Top 5 Quit Smoking Products On The Market!

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Top 5 Electronic Cigarette Reviews

#1 Electronic Cigarette: Greensmoke

Greensmoke e-cigarette is an electric cigarette, which provides awesome experience for smokers. This e-cigarette resembles the traditional cigarettes in their appearance, but unlike the traditional ones, they need not to be lighted up, as they are run by rechargeable batteries.

Structure of Greensmoke electric cigarettes:

These electric cigarettes constitute: Disposable nicotine cartomizer and a dischargeable battery

Following things are received on buying Greesmoke electric cigarettes:

CARRYING-CASES - these are useful for carrying the electric cigarettes and ensures safety when one is travelling.
RECHARGERS - These are useful for charging the cigarettes in cars.
CARTOMIZER REFILLS - e-cigarettes come with colored parts called cartridges, which can be replaced when ever required, users are provided with an extra advantage of selecting flavors and nicotine levels in accordance to their specific needs.
E-cigarette starter kits - these contain all the things that are required for commencing e-smoking

Ways in which e-smoking cigarettes are better than other products available in the market
- Their vapor volume is unbelievably high
- Its has a 2 piece design, which is a bit easy to fabricate compared to the other products
- The quality of its design is enhanced
- Life of its battery possess durability
- It offers money refund within 30 days in case you are not satisfied with the product.

People who are 18 years of age or more can use it safely. Children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, persons ailing with asthma, diabetes, heart-diseases or those with any nicotine allergy cannot use this product. Greensmoke e-cigarette can be bought online too.

Click Here To Visit Greensmoke Site

#2 Electronic Cigarette: Blucigs

Bluecig is an electric cigarette to experience the enjoyment of smoking even in the areas where the cigarette is banned. Reasons which make bluecig better than the traditional cigarettes:

It is completely free of smell, ash, tar and tobacco. In this way, it is healthier than using traditional cigarettes. Moreover, it is 50% cheaper than the traditional cigarettes and since it produces no smoke its social acceptance factor is more than the traditional cigarettes.

Bluecig is available in a rechargeable pack. It has a very high vapor volume. It offers no second hand smoke rather only water vapor smoke. It is convenient to be smoked at any location be it airports, bars or offices or any other public place where otherwise smoking is banned. The best part lies in the fact that it is now available in the NEW SMART pack, which acts as a carry case as well as a mobile charger and moreover, it is totally patented. It is available in a 1 piece design.

Bluecig can be ordered

- Online through its website, which is totally secure
- Through its 24X7 toll free number 
- Through its retail partners whose information is available online

For online orders a Return merchandise author form is sent on the backside of the order’s packing slip. Any person who feels unhappy with the product can get the money refunded by filling RMA form and sending the product back.

Click Here To Visit Blucigs Site

#3 Electronic Cigarette: White Cloud E-Cigarettes

White cloud electronic cigarettes are one of the best electric cigarettes. Unlike the cheap products, the cartridges of White Cloud Cigarettes are engineered to endure the rigors of every day use.

Advantages of using white cloud electronic cigarettes over other products available in the market:

Smooth draw cartridges – These cartridges used by whitecloudeelectronic cigarettes can tolerate temperature variance and prevents the leakage of the fluid present in the cartridges. As compared to the other products the cartridges have more life span and will remain clean and dry.
Battery - The charging of the other e-cigarettes take a long time, whereas white cloud e-cigarettes have provided a new range of batteries that accomplishes the task of charging within 90 minutes and the charging done is so efficient that it provides an even better dense and improvised vapor.
Better cartomizer - cartomizer of white cloud electronic cigarettes need not to be replaced, since it is available in a disposable form along with the cartridge in 1 piece.
Battery quality - The battery that is used in white cloud e-cigarettes is made using lithium ion, which is of great quality. This is apparent from the fact that its durability is 3-5 times more than the other quality batteries that are used in other products. 
Warranty – This e-cigarette provides a comprehensive warranty unlike the others in the industry.

One can get more information about the product by visiting their website or through its customer care service number, which is available on the site. White cloud electronic cigarette has one of the top rated customer care service.

Click Here To Visit White Cloud E-Cigarettes Site

#4 Electronic Cigarette: Smoke Assist

People feel very helpless when they are required to quit smoking because of their health issues. It’s not easy for anybody in the world to quit smoking all of a sudden, but it is also a fact that smoking is very hazardous to our health. It not only affects our lungs, but also plays a major role in destroying our eyes, and heart. 

Smoke Assist™ is just like another cigarette, except for the toxins, harmful smoke and tobacco. It consists of 4 Atomized Filtrate Cartridges, which are flavored with true tobacco taste, but there is no trace of tar in them. One cartridge has a life span of 150 smoke mouthfuls. The vapor, which comes out after every inhale is nothing but pure water vapor, which is devoid of harmful smoke, nicotine, tar and other destructive gases. 

Many people have claimed Smoke Assist to be real life changer. The product is user friendly and simple to use. If you want to smoke, then you simply need to inhale on the device and it will automatically switch on and when you are finished with smoking, then you will just need to place it back in your bag or pocket. 

Smoke Assist also offers 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied by the performance of the product, then you can get back your money within 30 days from the date of buying it. Smoke Assist™ is a perfect solution for the addicted smokers in the world. It’s a new technology, with the help of which one can live a smokers and a non smoker’s life at the same time.

Click Here To Visit Smoke Assist Site

#5 Electronic Cigarette: Smoke Royal Blues

If you are not able to deal anymore with the smoking habits of your father, or spouse, then it is time for you to change yours as well as their life for ever with the aid of Royal Blues cigarettes. The Royal Blues cigarettes feel like actual cigarettes, but they are nothing else than batteries and Cartridges. Royal Blues have come in the market with a new vision of making the world a better place for living.

With their technology of E-Cigarette, a person can now enjoy his smoking and at the same time can forget about all the harmful effects. The Royal Blues E-Cigarettes do not contain any kind of harmful gas, nicotine or smoke. The vapor that comes out of the device after each and every inhalation is nothing but water vapor.

The battery life of a Royal Blues cigarette is about 24 hours and you can recharge the battery every night before going to bed. The battery life also depends on the amount of usage and therefore, it can lose its charge before 24 hours if the cigarette is used for a long time. You can purchase additional batteries from the official website of the product or you can contact their help line service.

The Royal Blues offers spectacular services to every buyer and their customer service is beyond the expectation of the people. The company also provides 7 day money back period offer. Every person in this world wants to lead a happy and wonderful life and The Royal Blues E-Cigarettes can gift you such a pollution and nicotine free life.

Click Here To Visit Smoke Royal Blues Site

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